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The taste of modernity and authenticity. 

Beeo is a concept for a new brand of honey that strictly adheres to the criteria of organic farming and above all the good remuneration of the affiliated beekeepers. Modern in its way of producing honey, it is also modern in its graphic identity. Beeo is the contraction of the words "bee" and "organic". The name is a powerful evokes the world of honey and organic products.


I created the "B" pictogram of the logotype from the symbol of a natural hive. I associated

this pictogram with a freehand typography for the authentic aspect and an orange panel reflecting

the diversity of honeys.


The Excellence.

The Beeo container is the perfect reflection of the brand itself: modernity and authenticity, two key words of this object study. It stands out from conventional brands using cheap design and communication. Beeo wishes to convey the taste of excellence through an innovative honey pot whose shape is inspired by a simplified hive icon.


Exception and excellence highlight the authenticity of this elixir appreciated by all. Noble materials such as wood and glass evoke and respect nature while remaining distinguished.The packaging

is as unique as the honey it contains.



Beeo's advertisements feature the product to attract attention, facilitate memorization and make

it easy to identify on a display. Its short bold black slogan is the sign of the "Organic" aspect.

This amber-orange colored honey pot has a strong visual impact, because it stands in the middle

of a bright environment, only the bees invite themselves to the stage, dynamic, they protect their nectar as in nature. The brand is therefore in harmony with the environment, which is an additional asset to be highlighted in our consumer society.

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