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A wild identity for edible insects.

Bêbêt is a brand of edible insects for aperitifs with an organic, almost wild aesthetic. Its typography, done in paint, evokes the anatomy of the insect with lines evoking its legs or antennae. Entomophagy (eating insects) is a widespread practice in Asia and Africa, particularly in markets and on the streets. This is why the logo is almost symbolic because it takes Influences from the urban environment and graffiti. It's a major component of Bêbêt's visual identity.


We are not indifferent to this logo. Rhythm, balance and color are the vectors of a culture, that of entomophagy, centered on nature and the environment. These notions are fundamental and are at the heart of Bêbêt.


Inspired by nature.

Bêbêt has developed a range of colorful aperitif insect packaging. Three types of insect are available: cricket with cayenne pepper, cricket with yellow curry and mealworm with garlic and herbs. In Asian and African markets, these insects are presented on large banana leaves. The packaging uses the folding of these leaves to emphasize their organic and natural appearance. The string accentuates the 'portable' nature of these little creatures, a key feature of the places where they were originally sold.


The urban-inspired graphics allow users to immerse themselves in the Bêbêt’s world. This spontaneity gives the products a certain authenticity. The opening is highly symbolic, because when unfolded it resembles a flower in full bloom. The insects are grouped together in a hessian bag, reinforcing the notion of sharing.


An organic patchwork...

Bêbêt’s universe is brought to the fore thanks to this  organic mixed-media collage.

The colorful background and integrated typography make a link with

the packaging, which has a similar layout. The slogan uses the homeotelute already present inside the packaging. The rhythm of these words echoes that of the packaging and advertising.


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